Are Home Extensions Worth The Money?

Previously we have spoken about attic renovations and if they are worth the money. But, is adding a full extension to your home really worth it?

For most people, it is the dream to purchase a how that needs work doing to it. A house that they see the potential to extend to make it into their dream home. But for others, even the thought of having an extension seems like a living nightmare. So is it really worth it?

Adding an extension to your home does exactly what the name suggest, it extends the inside of your home. Whether you want to extend upwards into your loft space, or outwards into your garden. The opportunities seem to be endless with regards to extensions. But, these do come with a hefty price tag, that can take years of hard saving or taking out a building loan.

Extensions though do come with a lot of benefits that we do believe are worth this hefty price tag. Making your home bigger gives you more space, more space for your family to live and grow in your dream home. Adding these extensions can increase the value of your home. Yes, you would have spent money on this extension, but it will increase the value of your home which will cover the cost of the extension and give you profit.

However, there are times that the extension you are after may not be worth the money. For example, if you are only adding on a small room to your home like a utility room, this may not be worth the cost. It will cost a lot of money but may not increase the value or space of your property. You may also find that adding an extension does increase your electricity and heating bill as there are more rooms to cover, as well as increasing the amount of clutter you have in your home.