Benefits of Green Buildings

Green buildings are becoming more popular as time passes by, with people choosing green buildings over other options. But what are some of the main benefits of green buildings?

The main benefit of green buildings, and why they have become so popular is that they are better for the environment. With the whole process from planning to construction having the safety of the environment at the front of their minds.

Most green buildings are much more energy and water-efficient. Due to them being made from materials that are better for the environment. They are made in a way with helps them to be more efficient. For example, most green buildings will incorporate solar panels to help them be more energy efficient.

The final benefit of green buildings is that there is not as much pressure on local resources. Due to them using materials which are recycled so they are better for the environment. Local providers will not be put under as much strain for large projects.


What Are The 5 Types of Building Construction?

This type of construction is mainly found in modern homes. Where the structure or frame of the home is made entirely or partially out of wood. They are also the most combustible type of building construction.

Heavy Timber
This is another type of construction which uses wood. However, the wood used must meet certain dimensions, being at least 8 inches thick for beams and columns. 6 inches thick for flooring and roofing.

This type of construction uses non-combustible materials. Meaning if the building was to catch fire it will not spread easily. The most commonly used materials for this construction are metals and masonry or tilt-slab.

Fire-resistive building types use materials which are extremely fire resistant. They are easy to spot due to them always being over 75-feet tall. They are generally made from poured concrete and protective steel to help stop any fire from spreading.

One of the most commonly used type of construction, also known as brick and joint construction. Where they have brick walls on the outside, and their inside frame is made from wood.