Traffic Cones and Their Meanings

There are many different traffic cones, but some people may not know or maybe wondering what all the meanings of them are. Today, we are going to discuss with you the different traffic cones and their uses.

Green and White
The green and white traffic cone is used to show where there is access to a lane for drivers.

Yellow and White
These traffic cones and used to indicate to workers that not stopping is permitted. Mainly used in areas where heavy equipment is used.

Blue and White
Blue and white traffic cones are used to signal that there is an overhead obstruction. This can be anything from a bridge to overhead cables. Sometimes these cones may feature a yellow band to make it more visible.

These are the mainly used traffic cones for highway construction and what they are used for.

Construction Career

Building A Career In Construction

For some, building a career in construction is their dream. If this is you, this article is going to help you begin building your construction career.

With most jobs you need to consider which sector you wish to work within, this is no different in construction. With there being multiple paths you can go down, from being a labourer, project manager or designer to name a few. Once you have decided this, you can conduct in-depth research into the chosen path, we will help with this in future articles.

One of the easiest ways which you can gain experience in any of these sectors is to become an apprentice. This means you will be studying alongside working, allowing you to gain the on job knowledge which you need to progress. Most apprenticeships do lead to full-time employment following completion, making it an easier way to gain employment in the fast-growing sector.


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