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How Can I Build My Career In Construction?

Careers in construction are becoming increasingly popular. But many construction laborers do not truly know how they can progress with their career in this industry. Feeling as if they are going to be stuck in the same position for their entire career. But not to worry, we are going to share with you some easy ways you can progress with your construction career.

Speak To Your Manager
If you simply show your interest in progressing in your career your manager can help to make this happen. They will be able to show you areas that you can improve within. Help you to understand the different career options you have. Helping you to find and progress in your career as you wish. You will also be able to ask them for more opportunities to help with your growth.

Complete Online Education
If you wish to progress in your construction career, it is possible to do this by studying some online courses in your free time. These online courses will allow you to learn new skills that you will be able to share with your team to help you progress. Impressing the team above you is what will help you to progress quickly within the industry.

Consider Other Companies
If you have a few years of experience working within the industry, it may be possible for you to move companies. Have a look on indeed and see if any construction jobs take your fancy. Applying for these will help you to gain more experience with the possibility of progression. You may also find that other companies value your knowledge more than others so will potentially pay you more.

These are the three main ways that you can easily progress with your career in construction. It is easy to feel trapped within a role. But all it truly takes is some form of communication to be on your way out and up.


Why Is Planning Important In Construction?

Planning is a vital part of any construction project. With it being such an important aspect, you will always hear people asking why planning is so important. Today, we are going to share with you four of the main reasons why planning in construction is so vital!

Budget Control
One of the main reasons why planning is vital in the construction industry is due to budget control. Careful planning ensures you are sticking to the budget given, not overspending on the project. As construction projects are generally large, it is easy to go over budget and overspend to source the best quality of all materials.

Helps With Organisation
Careful planning can help you with your project organisation. Ensuring that everyone knows what part they play in the entire project. Making it easier for you to know who is completing what tasks, keeping all workers on track to complete the project on time.

Your Project May Need Permission
For many construction projects, you will need to receive something called ‘Planning Permission’. This means you need to submit your plans for the project to receive permission to start the work. Having a carefully thought-out plan will ensure the process of gaining permission runs as smoothly as possible. If the plans are rushed, they will notice this and question you on this.

Safety of The Workers
Carefully thought-out plans also help you to ensure the safety of all your workers. This is again due to them knowing where they need to be at what times. With you also knowing all the jobs they need to complete and when. Everyone will know what is happening when helping them to always be aware of what is going on around them.

These are the four main reasons why planning is vital in construction. When you are making these plans, you are not only thinking about the project at hand but the safety of your workers as well.


5 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home

With construction, as you may think, it is not always about the building of new buildings. It also involves the process of improving homes and other currently standing buildings. That is why, today we are going share with you 5 ways you can increase the value of your home with construction.

Simply, the first thought that comes to anyone when increasing the value of their home is an extension. Making your house larger than what it was before will add value to it. It will give you more space, and make it worth more money when you come to sell due to the added rooms.

Garage Conversion
Surprisingly, garages are not overly popular nowadays like they were before. Therefore having a garage conversion will increase the value of your property. Simply by removing your garage door, blocking it off, and insulating it to become a new room. This again gives your home more value due to the added space which people will no longer see as just for storage.

Add Extra Bathrooms
Houses with more bathrooms have a higher value. People like homes with multiple bathrooms so they know there will always be one available. Added an extra bathroom somewhere to your home will make the value increase.

Change Carpet To Hard Flooring
Before, it was trendy to have carpet all-around your home. However, this is no longer the case. People prefer the downstairs to have hard flooring and the upstairs to be carpeted. This is because it is much longer wearing. Making this change will increase your home value.

Similar to extensions, people are liking homes that have outbuildings. An area where you can go to escape home life. An area that can be created into a man cave. Like having an extension it gives your home more space, and more areas to do things with.

Construction Career

Choosing A Career Path In Construction

Like many industries, construction has many different career path choices which you may wish to follow. In this article, we are going to share with you some of the different options. Widening your knowledge of the different options you have in this huge industry.

One of the most popular career paths within the construction industry is electrical, so becoming an electrician. This involves working with wiring and anything that is electrical. This is a very technical job which does require a lot of training for you to be able to complete the work safely and effectively.

Another popular career path choice is becoming a plumber. This involves anything that is plumbing, water, and gas-related. The items that need pipework to allow them to work. This role again requires a lot of training for you to complete it both safely and effectively.

Where most people will see themself when wanting to work in construction. A laborer is someone who will complete the hard work. Someone that will be there building and working endlessly. This is a very tiring job. But it is easier to get into as people will hire anyone as a trainee to learn on the job. You do however need to still be safe whilst completing this work.

Of course, in the construction industry, you still need designers. You still need the people who are going to design the projects and builds for everyone else to complete. This is a better option if you would like to work in this industry but not be as hands-on as everyone else.

Project Manager
A role which you have to work your way up to. This is someone who will oversee the entire project. Who will still be able to be hands-on, but will have the responsibility to ensure the project runs smoothly and everyone is completing their area of the project.


Benefits of Green Buildings

Green buildings are becoming more popular as time passes by, with people choosing green buildings over other options. But what are some of the main benefits of green buildings?

The main benefit of green buildings, and why they have become so popular is that they are better for the environment. With the whole process from planning to construction having the safety of the environment at the front of their minds.

Most green buildings are much more energy and water-efficient. Due to them being made from materials that are better for the environment. They are made in a way with helps them to be more efficient. For example, most green buildings will incorporate solar panels to help them be more energy efficient.

The final benefit of green buildings is that there is not as much pressure on local resources. Due to them using materials which are recycled so they are better for the environment. Local providers will not be put under as much strain for large projects.


What Are The 5 Types of Building Construction?

This type of construction is mainly found in modern homes. Where the structure or frame of the home is made entirely or partially out of wood. They are also the most combustible type of building construction.

Heavy Timber
This is another type of construction which uses wood. However, the wood used must meet certain dimensions, being at least 8 inches thick for beams and columns. 6 inches thick for flooring and roofing.

This type of construction uses non-combustible materials. Meaning if the building was to catch fire it will not spread easily. The most commonly used materials for this construction are metals and masonry or tilt-slab.

Fire-resistive building types use materials which are extremely fire resistant. They are easy to spot due to them always being over 75-feet tall. They are generally made from poured concrete and protective steel to help stop any fire from spreading.

One of the most commonly used type of construction, also known as brick and joint construction. Where they have brick walls on the outside, and their inside frame is made from wood.


Traffic Cones and Their Meanings

There are many different traffic cones, but some people may not know or maybe wondering what all the meanings of them are. Today, we are going to discuss with you the different traffic cones and their uses.

Green and White
The green and white traffic cone is used to show where there is access to a lane for drivers.

Yellow and White
These traffic cones and used to indicate to workers that not stopping is permitted. Mainly used in areas where heavy equipment is used.

Blue and White
Blue and white traffic cones are used to signal that there is an overhead obstruction. This can be anything from a bridge to overhead cables. Sometimes these cones may feature a yellow band to make it more visible.

These are the mainly used traffic cones for highway construction and what they are used for.

Construction Career

Building A Career In Construction

For some, building a career in construction is their dream. If this is you, this article is going to help you begin building your construction career.

With most jobs you need to consider which sector you wish to work within, this is no different in construction. With there being multiple paths you can go down, from being a labourer, project manager or designer to name a few. Once you have decided this, you can conduct in-depth research into the chosen path, we will help with this in future articles.

One of the easiest ways which you can gain experience in any of these sectors is to become an apprentice. This means you will be studying alongside working, allowing you to gain the on job knowledge which you need to progress. Most apprenticeships do lead to full-time employment following completion, making it an easier way to gain employment in the fast-growing sector.


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